Wednesday, April 11, 2012


 I was going to write a super long post about everything that has happened since I posted a lifetime ago. But then I realized its been way to long and there's WAY to much that has happened and my life is wayyy to insane to even begin to try to fit everything into one little blog. So I'm just gonna post a random picture and act like I've been here all along. I mean, I have! I'm alive. So I'm here. Just not HERE. haha ;)

I love my brother. And I love going to baseball games with him and acting like crazy dorks and getting on the big screen with him. And I love playing Tennis with him. And playing volleyball with him. And playing in our sotfball league with him (+ some pretty awesome other peeps), and going to buffalo wild wings with him. And going on roadtrips with him. And skiing with him. And  talking to him about what God has been doing in our lives. I love him a whole bunch! I love ALL of my siblings to infinity... and beyond. But I have this picture so I just talked about what I love about Elijah. One pretty stinkin' awesome dude right here. Annnd ladies, he's single. ;)

Juuuust kidding. Kinda.

"The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy." Psalm 126:3

Until next time! Go live your life like NOW is your last moment. As if there's no tomorrow. Live every minute to the fullest. For HIS glory. He's placed us right here, right now,  to fulfill the special purpose He has for our life. Don't waste it! 

Peace Out! ~

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Because I Love Them....

...and we're just crazy like that. I don't know how I'd survive without them. 


Goodness. I'm so sooo thankful God allowed me to play the role of Big Sis' :) I hear so many teens talking about their little siblings and how "annoying" they are and how they "cry all the time" and how they're "like little demons" and.... it really does break my heart. If only they could know what a blessing it is to have those little people in their life, how much they look up to them and how much they want to be just like them.

So go be a role model for all those little peeps younger then you! Even if they aren't your little bro or sister. They still admire you!

While we were driving back down our dirt road towards home, I looked behind me and saw these 3 happy kids in my car with me. I didn't wanna let the moment go. Could we pause time for like 5 years and then keep going? And then Trace Adkins "You're Gonna Miss This" started playing on the radio....

... it was d.e.a.d. on.

your gonna miss this
your gonna want this back
your gonna wish these days
hadn't gone by so fast

these are some good times
so take a good look around
you may not know it now
but your gonna miss this

Yeeeeah. That pretty much sums it up- I know I'll miss it.

So cherish every moment! And go hug a little person today! You won't regret it!

Friday, July 15, 2011

hot + kids + water = FUN! {personal}

 I'm pretty sure Kids and Swimming Pools should be a trademark of Summer if it's not. :D

Whats the fun of swimming if you can't splash? Um, none.

So splash that water, baby. Splash!

I. Love. These. Kids.
enough said.

 Maybe that's the new peace sign she's doing? I really don't know. But whatever. Peace, girlfriend!

 I painted my nails pink because I never do. And its summer- so I can. 




.......annnnd splash! ;)

Gah. Please stop being so cute! It kills me.

Hey, Ellie! Notice they're swimming in the little baby pool and not our wonderful pond filled with snakes, turtles, dead possums, and slime!? You should be proud of them! But, trust me. Its a legit experience to swim in there. Remember, just keep kicking your legs and the snakes won't bite ya. Can't guarantee that won't happen but we can put a 90% on it- and don't worry, I'll be there to save ya. ;)
Come swim with us and the snakes soon before its too cold!

Ready!  [again. lol]

Set.... oh wait, skip that one-- GO!!

Nice one, bud!

Skip the ready part- she wasn't waiting around for no one. ;)

So GO, sister!

She's so proud of herself 'cause she can hold her breath now without holding her nose-
Haha- love it. ;)

And that's how they swim out here in the country. Maybe one of these days I'll show ya how the big kids swim in the pond- with the snakes and turtles. Oh! And don't forget the dead possums.

Sorry to be graphic. ;)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Little Boys... {personal}

...I love them. So when you walk up on your little brother doing this...should there be need for concern?

Seeing as he's standing on top of a 12 foot high fence-- with a gun.

Nah! He's not aiming at the turkeys so he's definitely got it all under control. I just laughed. And walked away. Some big sister right? Yeah.

I love my brothers so much. Alllll 9 of them.

Really, I do. I  didn't just walk away avoiding the potential hazard that was obviously taking place .

I just.......... trusted him?

Yup! ;)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Payton - 2011 Senior {Norman/Blanchard, OK Senior Photography

So. Let me clear something up real quick. The title says she's Payton, right? Well, I just did that to be proper cause that's her real name. But I NEVER call her that. So, in this post she'll be Petie. 'Cause that's what I call her...and so do about 91.5% of the people I know. ;) Okay. Got that? Good.

This shoot was way to much fun. And when you have a subject that is as amazing as Petie is..well, it can't get much better then that. I love this girl. She's so natural in front of the camera and does exactly what you tell her to- as long as you explain it well. ;)

Annnnnd, she's tons of fun to be around, loves to tease (which is a HUGE plus for me because teasing is my life. Well, part of it.), likes volleyball a whole lot (yeah. another reason why she's awesome! You have to love volleyball to be my friend. haha...juuuuust kidding.), loves to write, and is stunningly gorgeous on top of all that! We don't get to see each other a whole lot which is kinda sad- BUT!  I love people like Petie 'cause she's one of those friends that no matter how long we go without seeing each other, we always pick back up right where we left off and its like we've seen each other every day.  I love that. And I just love her. :)

I had suuuuch a hard time picking out what pictures to post. This girl was the perfect model. But there's somebody else that was beyond amazing. Petie's Mom. Oh. My. Word. If I could take her on every photoshoot with me, I would. Like, she's the-most-amazing-assistant ever. I can't even tell you how many times I was trying to explain to Petie what I wanted her to do, and I was explaining it in a not-very-understandable way and her mom would jump in there and explain juuuuust perfectly exactly what I was trying to say. And Pete would be like, "oh! like that!!". Yes. I love her mom. This shoot wouldn't have been the same without her. :)

we wrecked the tractor shortly after this pic. 'Cause we're wild like that. Juuust kidding. ;)

Oh and did I mention that she is amazing on the piano? Yeah, she is. I wanna play like her when I grow up.

I bet she owns 3582 books. Or something like that.

Congrats on graduating, Petie! Love ya! :)